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Albert Jouveneau was a Belgian aero inventor who, on 1907-04-17, began the filing, in Belgium, of an extremely long patent series, that is, one “invention”, brevet, followed, by a great number of “perfectionnements”, all featuring the “Aviateur”, a mechanism of automatic steering applicable to any type of flying machine, but which gives prompt examples which happen to be heavier-than-air.[1] Several non-Belgian patents are also of this family, with the French filings making at least a patchy effort at international connexion down to the level of additions. On 1907-11-22 he began the filing of a smaller patent series also related to automatic processes of steering and control, though in airships.[2]

We have him generally located in Brussels, région Bruxelles-Capitale, Belgium.[3] We also have him located sporadically in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, that is, still within the région Bruxelles-Capitale, Belgium.[4]

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Names Albert Jouveneau
Birth date
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Countries BE, DE, ES, FR, GB
Locations Brussels, région Bruxelles-Capitale, Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, région Bruxelles-Capitale, Belgium
Tech areas heavier-than-air, LTA, control, steering
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