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Adolphe François Joseph Doutre was an aero inventor and advocate (lawyer), filing patents from 123, rue de Faubourg, Saint-Honoré, Paris, France[1] and also from 21 rue Taubert, Saigon, Cochin China. French patents locate him variably in “Cochinchine”[2] or simply within “Seine”, France[3], “Seine” being a now-extinct French regional designation quite often used in connexion with Paris and inclusive of the above-mentioned Parisian address. He worked for the French imperial government, in capacities relative to French Indochina. He served specifically as a Barrister of the Court of Appeal of Indochina.[4] This was one position, possibly among several, during a career the inventor seems to have had largely within the “services civils de l'Indo-Chine”.[5]

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Names Adolphe François Joseph Doutre; A. F. J. Doutre; Adolphe Doutre
Birth date 1873
Death date 1933
Countries VN, FR
Locations Saigon, Indochine; Paris
Occupations Advocate, Lawyer, Civil Service
Tech areas Airplane, Stability, Equilibrium, Aerodynamics, Frame, Chassis, Fuselage, Monoplane, Wheels, Motors, Gyroscope, Control
Affiliations Court of Appeal of Indochina, Services civils de l'Indo-Chine
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