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[Patent US-1913-1066860

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Edmund Sparmann was an Austrian aero inventor filing in several nations. We have limited data, but are tracing the connections between his various filings.

Tentatively, we are dealing with two small patent families here, both having to do with stability, with the emphasis shifting between rudders and so forth to the role played by gyroscopes.

He is mentioned as an aircraft builder associated with Phönix Flugzeugwerke AG[1], an Austro_hunagian airplane manufacturer on which we are conducting further research.

In 1910 Sparmann occupied hangar 21b at Wiener Neustädter Flugfeld, the hub of Austrian aviation at that time.[2]

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Edmund Sparmann

  • Patent FR-1909-397371 (English title: Aerial vehicle with apparatus of improved stability and steering power, Filing date: 1908-12-12)
  • Patent AT-1909-61611 (English title: Gyro stabilizer for aircraft or other unstable body, Filing date: 1909-09-05)
  • Patent HU-1910-60164 (English title: Stabilizer for aircraft, Filing date: 1910-09-03)
  • Patent BE-1910-228539 (English title: Gyroscopic stabilizer pertinent to airplane wings, Supplementary to patent: Patent AT-1909-61611, Filing date: 1910-09-03)
  • Patent FR-1910-423068 (English title: Gyroscopic apparatus of stability for airplanes, Filing date: 1910-11-26)
  • Patent GB-1910-27871 (English title: Improvements in Apparatus for Maintaining the Equilibrium of and for Steering Aerial or other Vehicles, Filing date: 1910-11-30)
  • Patent US-1910-1066860 (English title: Automatic stabilizer for aerial vehicles or other moving bodies, Filing date: 1910-12-05)


Names Edmund Sparmann
Birth date 1881
Death date 1951
Countries AT, BE, FR, GB, US, HU
Locations 3 Landesgerichstrasse, Vienna, Austria; Wiener Neustadt; Stockholm
Occupations Engineer, Manufacturer
Tech areas Stability, Automatic stability, Gyroscope, Rudder, Airplane, Biplane
Affiliations Phönix Flugzeugwerke
Wikidata id Q3510860