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Phönix Flugzeugwerke AG 31 March 1917 credit material document

Phönix Flugzeugwerke was formed by Dr. Ing. M. Gabriel, an Austrian, who had started Albatros in Germany. Austrian Albatros handled design.

Edmund Sparmann, an Austrian inventor on whom we have some information and patents, is mentioned as a "Konstructeur" affiliated with this firm.[1] He did a bit of work with airplane stability facilitated by way of gyroscopes. We are naturally looking into these and other particulars.

Produced Albatros in quantity as well as Hansa-Brandenburg, Knoller, and UFAG designs under license; also built series of Phonix aircraft derived from Albatros and Hansa-Brandenburg designs as well as original designs. Works closed 1919.

The German corporate designation "AG" may stand for "Arbeitsgemeinschaft" ("team", or "study group"), or for "Aktiengesellschaft" (joint stock company).[2]



Names Phönix Flugzeugwerke AG
Country Austria-Hungary
City XXI Stadtlau, Vienna, Austria
Keywords airplane
Started aero 1913
Ended aero
Key people M. Gabriel
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