E. Rumpler Luftfahrzeugbau G.m.b.H.

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Patent GB-1912-16890 Original Diagram

We are clarifying corporate matters connected to Edmund Rumpler. This organization had patents. We will determine its corporate relation to Luftfahrtzeugbau Gessellschaft Ing. Edmund Rumpler, to Rumpler-Werke G.m.b.H. in Berlin-Johannisthal, Rumpler-Werke A.-G. in Berlin-Johannisthal and so forth. This gets somewhat tangled, within our own protocols and within those of Wikipedia, relative to the corporate specifics upon which we are trying to shed some light. For instance see that the first line of Rumpler C.VIII on English Wikipedia contains a link "Rumpler Flugzeugwerke" though this redirects to simple Rumpler on English Wikipedia. There are other cases, in which a corporate name, within this complex, will likewise redirect to an article titled with another corporate name. In terms of data collation we are not always certain as to the significance of these varying usages.

This corporate designation seems mainly to be used in the filing of non-German patents. These designations are affiliated, and largely in greater Berlin.

  • Address: No. 202 Siegfried Strasse, Berlin-Lichtenberg, Germany

Names E. Rumpler Luftfahrzeugbau G.m.b.H., E. Rumpler Luftfahrzeugbau G.m.b.H. Berlin-Lichtenberg
Country DE
City Berlin-Lichtenberg
Started aero
Ended aero
Key people Edmund Rumpler, Boris Loutzkoy
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