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Christian Magnus Gyde Jensen is a Danish inventor of elaborate airplanes, repeatedly called airships (Luftskib), but explicitly heavier-than-air. We have him as an Official (Tisztviselő) located in Copenhagen.[1] The key parent patent Patent DK-1908-11943, in its first claim, describes a "steerable airship of the type where the whole system is heavier than the air".[2]


Patents whose inventor or applicant is Christian Magnus Gyde Jensen

  • Patent DK-1908-11943 (English title: "Steerable Airship", actually completely heavier-than-air, Filing date: 1908-03-05)
  • Patent HU-1908-46199 (English title: Steerable airplane or possibly airship inclusive of airplane-inspired wings, Supplementary to patent: Patent DK-1908-11943, Filing date: 1908-04-01)
  • Patent DK-1908-12414 (English title: Device for steerable airships, actually the addition of airplane-style wings to an airship, Supplementary to patent: Patent DK-1908-11943, Filing date: 1908-08-17)
  • Patent FR-1909-399903 (English title: Apparatus applicable to dirigibles, Filing date: 1909-02-25)

Names Christian Magnus Gyde Jensen
Birth date
Death date
Countries FR, HU
Locations Copenhagen
Occupations Official
Tech areas Airplane, Steering, Control, Dirigibles, Design, Aerodynamics, Sustentation, Wings
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