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Adalbert Plaček was an aero inventor quite often filing from Vienna.[1][2] We have him filing from Ragusa (possibly the Ragusa in Croatia).[3] He filed from Odessa as well.[4]

Occupation: First lieutenant[5] (We also have him as being retired from said ranked position.[6])

Address: III Hegergasse 3, Vienna, Austria (or maybe he's Adalbert Placek III, and the III doesn't belong in the address)[7]

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Adalbert Plaček


Names Adalbert Plaček; Adalbert Placek
Birth date
Death date
Countries AT, GB, HU, CH, FR
Locations Vienna
Occupations military
Tech areas Airplane, Monoplane, Lift, Design, Construction, Airship, Control, Steering
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