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Louis-Alexandre Cosme was an aero inventor, located within the French département Indre-et-Loire.[1] More specifically, he was situated within the city of Tours, and was an Engineer.[2] Thus far, we mainly have him in connexion with one invention, that is, a process and equipment making use of the ascensional force offered by the hot gases leaving airplane motors. One emphasized use is the direction of said gases, in a "serpentine" manner, in such a way as to aid in per se lift and so forth by way of interaction with the wings. The direction of some of said gases into ballonets is described as a further option. We are not sure as to the reason's for this Frenchman's invention allegedly being filed initially in Germany. We are looking for said German patent.

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Names Louis-Alexandre Cosme
Birth date
Death date
Countries DE, FR, HU
Locations Tours, Indre-et-Loire, France
Occupations Engineer
Tech areas Buoyancy, Ascension, Gas, Heavier-than-air, LTA, Ballonet, Hybrid, Lift, Sustentation, Aerodynamics, Design, Gas pressure
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