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Gustave Plaisant was a French aero inventor. On a patent he described himself as having the occupation of Engineer, and of living at 43 rue Lafitte, Paris.[1]

Based on our patent data, one focus of the inventor was the flexibility of both wheels and propellers. His patent families went in and out of the applicability of this work specifically to airplanes. Factors pertinent to wings, the flexibility thereof, considered from a few angles, is also key. His “feathers”, or “plumes”, seem to have emphasized the mere pliability of surfaces, with flexibility achieved thereby[2][3]. Wheels as elements included within the ends of propellers seem to have offered another aspect of controlled resistance, and the effects of flexibility, via other means[4][5][6]. Patent FR-1911-404954.14494 in particular treats elegantly these “roues à démi-masquées”. Most of this work is inter-connected, and we are resolving three patent family complexes.

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Names Gustave Plaisant
Birth date
Death date
Countries FR, HU, AT, GB
Locations 43 rue Lafitte, Paris, France
Occupations Engineer
Tech areas Wheels, Frame, Construction, Design, Wings, Aerodynamics, Hydrodynamics, Lift, Propellers, Airplane, Flexibility
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