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The keyword method used to describe the principle involved in the technology of an invention, on this wiki ; it has to do with application of said reasoning to the physical exigencies of aeronautics-aviation, and sometimes to the production of the physical components involved.

The term here is part of a typology whose other elements are whole and subsystem. "Method" and "Subsystem" may be especially prone to conceivably overlapping usage within this typology. There will almost invariably be a physical component, in the patent or even in references made within a publication. The word "method" may or may not be featured in the title of the patent, or of the publication, with the matter in question still being relevant, and said word usage, when applicable, will, to varying degrees, legitimately approach our use of "method" within this typology. Again, there will almost invariably be a physical component involved, the means of the component's production, for instance, offering a segue to industry, the design specifics intrinsic to a particular component, or the integration of some component or components into an aircraft or type of aircraft. Method may for instance also be applied to many cases of infracture.

Method is somewhat like "means", in all of the above senses, with the words often being used within one patent title. We will be talking about applied technology, with "method" perhaps often serving as a shade of emphasis to be tracked.

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This wiki has 34 patents in category "Method". Other techtypes related to Method: USPC 33/232

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