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Georges-Augustin-Clément Loyer was an aero inventor filing from Beslon par Villedieu, département Manche, France.[1] He did some work achieving automatic airplane stability specifically by making lift as constant as possible. Though little stands out as conceptually ground-breaking, he seems to have taken a practical and highly integrative approach to diverse aero-concerns. Patent FR-1912-431131.16375 uses the elasticity of lift surfaces as a means in resisting the deleterious effects of torsion, and uses heat to affect the curvature of nervures, while also innovating within the area of airplane control. Patent FR-1913-431131.17840 goes further into control, and back-up fueling, while, again, showing a perhaps unusually well-considered interest in the preservation of the frame. Throughout, tech areas are addressed in a manner we could call “highly integrative”.

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Names Georges-Augustin-Clément Loyer
Birth date
Death date
Countries FR
Locations Beslon par Villedieu, département Manche, France
Tech areas Airplane, Control, Steering, Motors, Elasticity, Suspension, Wings, Fuselage, Frame, Sustentation, Lift, Gas pressure, Fueling, Design, Aerodynamics, Stability, Nervure, Automatic stability
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