Louis-Léon Capou

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Louis-Léon Capou was an aero inventor, an engineer located at 23, rue Güyot, Paris, France[1]. We also have him as a per se manufacturer[2].

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Louis-Léon Capou

  • Patent GB-1910-21067 (English title: An Arrangement for Varying and Automatically Maintaining the Speed of a Screw according to the Effort Required of the Motor and Without any Longitudinal Pressure on the Main Shaft, Filing date: 1910-09-09)
  • Patent FR-1910-420157 (English title: Device that automatically varies the pitch of the propeller according to the force requested from the engine without exerting longitudinal thrust on the shaft, Filing date: 1910-09-08)
  • Patent HU-1910-53312 (English title: Device for automatically changing the travel of the screw according to the motor load in order to eliminate the axial pressure on the shaft, Filing date: 1910-09-09)


Names Louis-Léon Capou
Birth date
Death date
Countries FR, GB, HU
Locations 23, rue Güyot, Seine, France
Occupations Engineer, Manufacturer
Tech areas Propellers, Motors, Design, Construction
Wikidata id