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Louis-Marius-Alexandre Marmonier was an aero inventor from Lyon mostly working in the area of gyroscopic stabilizers. He continued to file patents in this area into the 1930s, during which period he also designed a full airplane.

One French patent gives us the full name Louis-Marius-Alexandre Marmonier, along with the specific location rue Servient, 37, Lyon, département Rhône, France.[1] That patent, as is often the case, offered good address data on the inventor because no patent agent was involved in the filing. All the other French filings here corroborate the basic data département Rhône, France.

American data also gives the address rue Servient, 37, Lyon, France.[2]

British data gives the address rue Servient, 37, Lyon, France, as well, and identifies the inventor as an Engineer.[3]

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Louis Marmonier

  • Patent FR-1908-397449 (English title: Automatic airplane stabilizer, Filing date: 1908-10-06)
  • Patent FR-1908-397297 (English title: Automatic stabilizer for airplanes, Filing date: 1908-12-08)
  • Patent FR-1910-433152 (English title: Process for adjusting at will the attack of the stabilizer components of an airplane when the latter has an automatic stabilizer with a gyroscopic pendulum, Filing date: 1910-10-19)
  • Patent FR-1910-433189 (English title: Stabilizing base for longitudinally and transversely balancing airplanes, Filing date: 1910-10-20)
  • Patent FR-1911-436026 (English title: Automatic stabilizer group for airplanes, Filing date: 1911-01-11)
  • Patent FR-1911-436190 (English title: Method for compensating for inertia reactions in stabilizing devices with gyroscopic pendulums suspended by gimbal, Filing date: 1911-01-16)
  • Patent FR-1911-436026.15271 (English title: Automatic stabilizer unit for airplanes, Supplementary to patent: Patent FR-1911-436026, Filing date: 1911-03-20)
  • Patent FR-1911-438631 (English title: Method and device for airplanes equipped with longitudinal automatic stabilizers to automatically position themselves in the wind direction, Filing date: 1911-03-20)
  • Patent US-1911-1050153 (English title: Automatic stabilizer for aeroplanes and the like, Filing date: 1911-10-19)
  • Patent GB-1911-23194 (English title: Automatic Stabilizing Means for Aeroplanes and the like, Supplementary to patent: Patent FR-1910-433189, Filing date: 1911-10-20)
  • Patent GB-1911-23494 (English title: Improvements in Stabilising Means for Aerial and other Vessels, Supplementary to patent: Patent FR-1911-436190, Filing date: 1911-10-24)
  • Patent GB-1912-6818 (English title: Automatic Stabilisation of Aeroplanes and the like, Supplementary to patent: Patent FR-1911-436026.15271 Patent FR-1911-436026, Filing date: 1912-03-19)



Names Louis Marmonier; Louis-Marius-Alexandre Marmonier
Birth date 1874-10-13
Death date 1945-03-02
Countries FR
Locations Lyon, département Rhône, France
Occupations engineer
Tech areas Stability, Gyroscope, Pendulum, Electricity, Airplane, Automatic stability
Wikidata id