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Alajos Bíró was an aero inventor, an Engineer located in Budapest, Hungary.[1] We have little on him other than his work done in collaboration with József Fenyvesi, also located in Budapest, and Edmond Lévi, situated in Paris. These were also Engineers. The three, together, perhaps on a situational basis, have also been addressed at 30 rue Boissiere, Paris.[2] This may have been Lévi's longer-term location. Patent GB-1910-4791 uses the name form "Alajos Biro". We are here following a convention of prioritizing Westernized Hungarian names, in terms of putting given names before family name, while retaining accent marks and spelling proper to the Hungarian original.

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Alajos Biró


Names Biró Alajos; Alajos Biró; Alajos Biro
Birth date
Death date
Countries FR, GB, HU
Locations Budapest
Occupations Engineer
Tech areas Airplane, Equilibrium, Stability
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