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Diagram page of Patent HU-1910-61414

Sam Leonard Walkden, British, was an Engineer, located at 43, Collingwood Avenue, Muswell Hill, London, N.[1]. Based on our investigations into his patents, it seems that his work largely revolved around work in the automatic stability of the airplane, achieved by way of control of lift surfaces and so forth, often aided by way of “fans” activated by wind resistance. A few fairly intricate patent families explicate this body of work. We are still gathering material. His work perhaps culminates most perfectly in Patent GB-1915-9370‎. Among other points, this last-mentioned patent takes his pre-existing work, having largely to do with the automatic stability of the airplane achieved by way of aerodynamics and design, by way of his “fans” and so forth affecting the incidence of surfaces, and adds the gyroscope. His work could be seen as an elegant example of an inventor’s addressing concerns related to one “subsystem” (that of stability achieved automatically), and tackling these concerns from multiple angles, and integrating all related particulars into the overall conception and design of the aircraft.

Regarding his earlier life, we know that Walkden received a “2nd Year Prize” in “Practical Physics” at King’s College, London.[2] At some point he was admitted as a student into Great Britain’s Institution of Civil Engineers.[3] See Patent US-1910-1152063 within Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office, Volume 217, page 1523. More is turning up on him. We are consolidating the data.


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Names Sam Leonard Walkden; S. L. Walkden
Birth date
Death date
Countries CA, DE, FR, GB, HU, US
Locations 43, Collingwood Avenue, Muswell Hill, London, N.
Occupations Engineer
Tech areas Airplane, Gliders, Equilibrium, Stability, Sustentation, Rudder, Lift, Aerodynamics, Control, Propellers, Design, Wings, Gyroscope, Wing warping, Automatic stability, Incidence
Affiliations King's College, London, Institution of Civil Engineers (Great Britain)
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