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Louis Charles Breguet was an aero inventor. He filed patents from 17, rue du Colonel Moll, Paris.

He developed a gyroplane 'based on the principles of' the gyroscope.[1] And exhibited a 'helicopter-airplane' (the same as the gyroplane?) at the 11th Paris Motor Show in 1908.[2]

He founded a company in 1911: Société des Avions Louis Breguet (first called société des Ateliers d'aviation Louis Bréguet)?[3]

He received his pilot's brevet on 19 April 1910. On 23 March 1911 he set a record transporting 11 passengers on one biplane. He was a sergeant during the war and flew reconnaissance missions, including during the battle of the Marne in 1914. He also worked on aircraft construction during the war, and by 1917, 8,500 copies of the Breguet XIV were in use. [3]

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Louis Bréguet or Louis Breguet or Louis-Charles Breguet or Louis-Charles Bréguet


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Names Louis Charles Breguet; Louis Charles Bréguet
Birth date 1880-01-01
Death date 1955-05-04
Countries FR
Locations Douai; Paris
Occupations airplane maker, engine maker, military officer
Tech areas Airplane, Military
Affiliations Société Anonyme des Ateliers d'Aviation Louis Bréguet, Aerial League National, Douai Section
Wikidata id