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Gianni Caproni was an aero inventor in Milan. He started a series of companies and was involved in these:

Dates of his patents, Italian ones only perhaps, are listed here:

He often worked with his brother, Federico Caproni.

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Gianni Caproni

Publications by or about Gianni Caproni

  • Fauri, 2021 (Simple title: Italian State Support for the Caproni Aeronautical Group, 1910–1951)

We have his address in 1918 from a patent: 28, Via S. Gregorio, Milan, Italy

More sources: w:Giovanni Battista Caproni and w:Gianni Caproni Museum of Aeronautics and w:it:Giovanni Battista Caproni,

See Francesca Fauri's work, e.g. Fauri (2021).[1] She presented at WEHC 2022. And her new book: Fauri, 2022

Caproni's Italian patents we haven't fully captured


  1. Francesca Fauri. 2021. The Italian State's Active Support for the Aeronautical Industry: The Case of the Caproni Group, 1910–1951. Business History Review, 95:2, 219-247. DOI:10.1017/S0007680520000951

Names Gianni Caproni
Birth date 1886-07-03
Death date 1957-10-27
Countries IT
Locations Milan; Turin
Occupations engineer
Tech areas Airplane
Affiliations Caproni & C., Ingg. De Agostini & Caproni Aviazione, Societa per lo Sviluppo dell'Aviazione, Federico Caproni
Wikidata id Q501316