Ingg. De Agostini & Caproni Aviazione

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Count Gianni Caproni, who had set up previous companies as qualified electrical engineer; partners briefly with Agostini, who is replaced by Carlo Comitti after Caprioni takes ill.

Built biplane glider, 1908, apparently in Milan. First flight, 1910, in Caproni Ca.1 (monoplane), rebuilt as Ca.2, 1911; both appear to have been manufactured in factory at Vizzola. By 1911, appears to have partnered with Agostini; factory was expanded and named Ingg. De Agostini & Caproni Aviazione and flying school was established. After Caproni suffers serious illness, Agostini is replaced by Comitti who forms Societa Caproni e Comitti in November 1911.

SD makes statement/implication about first investment.


Names Gianni Caproni, Ingg. De Agostini & Caproni Aviazione
Country Italy
City Milan; Vizzola
Started aero 1908
Ended aero new partner, 1911; see Caproni & C.
Key people Gianni Caproni, Carlo Comitti
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