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The present Italian Patent and Trademark Office is called the Ufficio Italiano Brevetti e Marchi, or UIBM.[1] Its website is here:

They've computerized patents since 1980, but maybe not before.[2]

In 1913 the issuing office was the Ufficio della Proprietà Intellettuale, a part of the Ministero di Agricoltura, Industria e Commercio; from 1902 it published the Bollettino della proprietà intellettuale which gives regular information about patents issued, classified by technology type.[3] The Gazzetta Ufficiale del Regno d'Italia also provided similar information, organized in tables, still by technology classification. Patents filed at this time could be in the Italian or French language.

From 1902 through 1917 at least the Italian patent classifications followed essentially the same schema with 25 categories.

IT is an abbreviation in this wiki referring to Italy.

In Italian , OMPI is the abbreviation for WIPO. (Organizzazione Mondiale Proprieta Industrale)

Working notes on obtaining Italian patent information

  • Both the Bollettino and Gazzetta are good sources for patent listings; they both give similar basic information, with no more description than the title. The relevant section (IT 8) must be located for each issue, so the process of discovering the information is not quite so simple as systematically moving down one list.
  • Patents are listed with "Registro attestati" (apologies if this transposition is not grammatical) which may refer to official archives in which the whole patent can be found. These are at least as ubiquitous as identifiers of patents than are serial numbers. It maybe that they predate the serial numbers, and are the only numbers available for identifying Italian patents before a certain date. These, using a volume/number system, are used by the US Patent Office in its Subject-matter Index of Patents for Inventions, Italy, 1848–1882.
  • The term rivendicazione (translated as "claim" at wikt:rivendicazione) typically introduces the date of first foreign filing.
  • Names are given LAST FIRST MIDDLE without punctuation; Italian filers sometimes use follow this with a patronymic construction using "di"—or "fu" in case the parent is deceased.

Rules and counts of patents

  • Nuvolari, presenting at ESSHC 2021, characterizes the Italian patent system based on the law of the Kingdom of Sardinia (Piedmont) of 1855: A registration system with no examination; charges fees until 1923; Initial fee proportional to patent duration; yearly renewal fee; possibility of extending duration with payments.
  • Has full data on all Italian patents granted in five benchmark years: 520 patents in 1864-1865; 941 patents in 1881; 1667 patents in 1891; 3162 patents in 1902; 5209 patents in 1911; and 10983 patents in 1936. Computing steady exponential growth rates between those periods gives us estimates for the number and growth rate each year. Estimated growth in patent counts was 3.8% from 1865 to 1881; 5.9% from 1881 to 1891; 6.0% from 1891 to 1902; 5.7% from 1902 to 1911; and 3% from 1911 to 1936. The resulting estimates for the annual patent count are in Peter's ESSHC2021 directory on his work computer.

From this we could compute the proportion in our aero data each year.


This wiki has 118 Italy patents and 274 patents filed by Italians.

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