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Achille Bertelli was an aero inventor from Brescia, Italy, known for designing an aircraft called the aerostave.

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Achille Bertelli

  • Patent IT-1905-77607 (English title: Flying machine or dirigible airship called Aerostave, Filing date: 1905-06-26)
  • Patent IT-1908-91118 (English title: Safety apparatus for airships using aerodynamic surfaces (?), Filing date: 1908-02-28)
  • Patent IT-1908-94217 (English title: Helicopter using parabolic propeller, with methods for launch and parachute, Filing date: 1908-03-09)
  • Patent IT-1908-94928 (English title: Helical propeller for navigation, Filing date: 1908-04-03)

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Names Achille Bertelli
Birth date 1855/01/06
Death date 1925/06/24
Countries IT
Locations Brescia; Milan
Occupations manufacturer
Tech areas
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