Société Anonyme des Établissements Nieuport

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Henri Deutsch de la Meurthe took over Nieuport et Deplante in late 1911 and reorganized it as limited company Société Anonyme des Établissements Nieuport, with Charles Nieuport, brother of the deceased Édouard Nieuport, as its head, and Franz Schneider as chief designer, who apparently added little in the way of innovation. Charles earned his pilot's certificate on 20 Jan. 1912; at the end of January 1913, while testing a monoplane built for the French military, both he and his mechanic Giollot were killed. In 1914 Gustave Delage took over as chief designer and design changes occurred immediately.

Continued development of existing designs and by 1914 had sold over 120 aircraft, including to the French, Italian, and Russian armies. With new designer in 1914 came updates to existng designs and the Nieuport 10, a sesquiplane biplane racer, which was ready by late 1914. From this stemmed over 10,000 aircraft of 16 basic types, until the lineup ended in 1917 with the Nieuport 27. From then, the company produced more conventional biplanes. In 1920, merged with the Astra balloon/airship company to become Nieuport-Astra, though the aircraft were called Nieuport-Delage.

In August 1918, Nieuport acquired Alphonse Tellier et Cie, and Nieuport then sold about a dozen Nieuport-Tellier flying boats before the firm's closing in 1920.

A page from a Nieuport aircraft catalog, circa 1911

The firm is generally associated with Issy-les-Moulineaux, in the upper Seine region of France.

More clarification is needed regarding any segue between this French firm and the British Nieuport and General Aircraft Co. Ltd..

1920Dir23 lists Nieuport, Société Anonyme des Éstablissements at Issy-les-Moulineaux. Delage continued as designer until 1930 and from 1930 on most aircraft were parasol monoplanes. In 1934, the firm merged with Ateliers et Chantiers de la Loire, becoming Groupement Aviation Loire-Nieuport.


Names Société Anonyme des Établissements Nieuport
Country France
City Issy-les-Moulineaux, Paris
Started aero 1912
Ended aero 1920
Key people Henri Deutsch de la Meurthe, Charles Nieuport, Édouard Nieuport, Franz Schneider, Giollot, Gustave Delage
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