Patent GB-1907-17156

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Vessel which floats in the water but can also take off as an aeroplane, as described in Patent GB-1905-7603. Here Forlanini focuses on the attachment of the "blades" used in water and air.

  • Inventor location: 21 Via Boccaccio, Milan, Kingdom of Italy
  • Inventor occupation: Mechanical engineer

Patent family descending from Patent GB-1905-7603


Year filed 1907
Year granted 1908
Office GB
Patent number 17156
Inventors Enrico Forlanini
Inventor country IT
Applicant person Enrico Forlanini
Applicant firm
Applicant type INDIV
Applicant is inventor? 1
Original title Improvements relating to Hydro- and Aeroplane Boats
English title Hydro- and Aeroplane Boats
Tech fields marine, hybrid, hydroplane, propulsion, frame, stability, gyroscope
Filing date 1907-07-26
Full specification filed date
Application number
Grant date 1908-03-12
Granted? 1
Publication date
Supplementary to patent Patent GB-1905-7603
Related to aircraft? 1
Serial number
Patent agent Haseltine, Lake & Co.
Assigned to
National tech categories
Family year 1907
First filing? 0
Cites these patents
Citations from after 1930
Application ID
Number of text pages 6
Number of diagram pages 1
Number of figures 14
Number of claims 7