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Joseph Chantraine was an aero inventor initially filing from Saventhem (or Saventham, now Zaventem), province du Brabant flamand, région flamande, Belgium.[1] This location is even closer to Brussels than the below-mentioned Cortenbergh.

We also have him located at Cortenbergh-lez-Bruxelles (or Kortenbergh), province du Brabant flamand, région flamande, Belgium.[2]

British data also has him in Cortenbergh (spelled Cortenberg), near Brussels, and has him identified as an Engineer.[3]

He stands out most in terms of one helicopter-hybrid design. His one perfectionnement, within the Belgian system, puts the emphasis on “the celluloid-crystal hull”.[4] This may not be reflected in the subsequent international filings.

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Joseph Chantraine


Names Joseph Chantraine
Birth date
Death date
Countries BE, FR, GB, IT
Locations Saventhem (or Saventham, now Zaventem), and Cortenbergh-lez-Bruxelles (or Kortenbergh), both province du Brabant flamand, région flamande, Belgium
Occupations Engineer
Tech areas HTA, Helicopter, Propellers, Design, Parachutes, Rubber, Landing, Aerodynamics, Hybrid, Cables, Hull
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