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The Bollettino della proprietà intellettuale was published by the Ministero d'Agricoltura, Industria, e Commercio of Italy; it contains records of patents (filed and renewed) grouped by two dozen tech categories, including IT 8, navigation & aeronautics.

Scans from 1902—1917 are on HathiTrust. There is a hole in these records in 1905–1906, and numbers missing from other years, which can be filled in, at least partially, from other sources.

This periodical tells us indirectly in what quarter of what year a certain patent was granted, if not an exact date.

The date of the Bollettino in which a patent is first listed might be considered the "Publication Date" for our purposes. On the other hand it is not a complete publication, merely an index.

One, maybe not the only, predecessor to this publication is the Bollettino Industriale del Regno d'Italia.

Source info on Hathitrust:

Interpreting patent tables


The first page of the section with tables of new patents shows details about the column headings, which we do not fully understand. The example at right is from the November, 1908 issue.

The section is labeled "Attestati di privativa industriale rilasciati nella prima quindicina di novembre 1908" which means (according to DeepL): "Industrial patent certificates issued in the first fortnight of November 1908" (privativa means patent, it seems, or "design right"; we don't know how this is distinguished from brevetto/brevetti)

The column headings with translations are here:

  • Giorno del rilascio -- Day of issue, a natural number from 1-31, apparently the day in the month identified by the enclosing issue; that is, grant date in our world
  • Numero del Registro Attestati -- Certificate Register Number -- possibly an order of transcription in a handwritten book when the patent office first received the application? That is, a serial number? For further discussion and guesswork, see the page at Registro attestati
  • Numero del Registro Generale -- General Register Number -- The Patent number, conventionally defined, probably assigned at the time of granting
  • Titolare attuale della privativa -- Current holder of the patent (Usually a person, with a stated location, perhaps sometimes a firm instead)
  • Titolo della invenzione o scoperta -- Title of the invention or discovery (of the patent, that is)
  • Data del deposito della domanda -- Date of filing the application (Filing date; the idea of demand, domanda, also being in the French equivalent)
  • Durata della privativa e prolungamenti -- Duration of the patent right and extensions; this was apparently a system in which the filer could choose to "buy" in the range of 1-6 years of patent monopoly. We aren't tracking this but is an indicator of patent quality/importance, perhaps not a strong one since it is confounded with what the inventor could pay.

Prolungamento probably means the same thing as 'addition' or 'cert d'addition'.

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