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Thomas Moy (1828–1910) was a British aero inventor, filing from 1 Clifford's Inn, in London, England, filing in collaboration with Richard Edmund Shill.[1]

He acted possibly as an agent for Patent GB-1897-15221 by Octave Chanute and Augustus Moore Herring. More properly he seems to have been some other sort of applicant or representative, with George Downing & Sons as the per se patent agent, as shown on the original document. This is an odd case all around, with modern Espacenet type-entered data calling Moy both the inventor and the applicant. In any case, it does have him identified as an Engineer.[2]

He filed his 1872 US patent giving the address of 1 Clifford's Inn, London.



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Names Thomas Moy
Birth date
Death date
Countries DE, FR, GB, IT
Locations London
Occupations Engineer
Tech areas Airplane, Stability, LTA, Aerodynamics, Frame, Design, Ascension, Automatic stability
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