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Ugo Antoni was an aero inventor, seemingly the professional assistant of Guido Antoni, who worked as a draftsman, both residing at 1 Via Cappuccini, Pisa, Italy, at 46 Via Vittorio Emanuele, Pisa, Italy, and at 14 Lungarno Mediceo, Pisa, Italy. Ugo almost entirely, or perhaps enitrely, in collaboration with Guido. For more on this collaboration, see Guido Antoni.

(Naturally, in the cases both of Guido Antoni and of Ugo Antoni, in light of the number of references made, in various of their British, American, and French patents, to Italian patents preceding them, finding the Italian originals would be ideal.)

In the cases of both of these men, although we do not know the specifics of their personal incomes, "inventor" seems to be a viable "occupation".

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Ugo Antoni


Names Ugo Antoni
Birth date
Death date
Countries IT, FR, DE, GB, US, HU
Locations 1, Via Cappuccini, Pisa, Italy; 46 Via Vittorio Emanuele, Pisa, Italy; 14 Lungarno Mediceo, Pisa, Italy
Occupations assistant draftsman, draftsman
Tech areas Airplane, Frame, Construction, Wings, Hybrid, Aerostat, Flapping, Propulsion, Propeller, Lift, Navigation, Stability, Design, Wing warping
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