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Georg Wellner was an aero inventor, addressed at Giskrastrasse, Brünn or Brno, Moravia, Empire of Austria. He was a Professor of Technology.

He designed a proto-airplane with a cylindrical body (for motor and passengers) propelled by aeroplanes attached to rotary wheels turning on a horizontal axis. This aircraft was never built.[1]

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To-do: To resolve where he was from, point Maja to the patents with location information. (Patent GB-1903-2826 has been helpful, via its espacenet link to the original ; this connects address, and filings, over decades, and between nations ; original diagrams corroborate title phraseology pertinent to other patents.)

Names Georg Wellner; George Wellner; Georges Wellner
Birth date 1846-03-19
Death date 1909-09-07
Countries AH, AT, CZ
Locations Prague; Brünn
Occupations Professor
Tech areas LTA, Design, sails
Wikidata id Q37189233