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LTA aircraft with propulsive compressed gas stored in the tubing of the frame.

"Elongated buoyant vessel, constructed of metal sheets, in separate compartments: motive power, compressed gas, which also is used as ballast." (Aeronautical Journal, Vol. 1, No. 1, January 1897, p. 14.)

The gas, "ammonia gas or carbonic dioxide or any other similar gas having great expansive powers," is stored in thin metal tubes which form part of the framework. This gas is released from a nozzle to move the propeller directly.

The buoyant vessel (containing hydrogen gas or similar) is divided into compartments.

(Written up again in the July AJ for some reason?)

Inventor location: 205, Fitzroy St., St. Kilda, Victoria, Australia [appears from present-day map to be part of the Melbourne area]

Inventor occupation: Civil engineer


Year filed 1896
Year granted 1896
Office GB
Patent number 1877
Inventors Thomas Fraser
Inventor country AU
Applicant person
Applicant firm
Applicant type INDIV
Applicant is inventor? Yes
Original title Improvements in Dirigible Balloons and Flying Machines
English title Improvements in Dirigible Balloons and Flying Machines
Tech fields LTA, balloon, propulsion, jet, gas, ballast, frame, safety, landing, rigid, whole
Filing date 1896/01/27
Full specification filed date
Application number
Grant date 1896/03/14
Granted? Yes
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Related to aircraft? Yes
Serial number
Patent agent W. T. Whiteman
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