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Gustav Mees was an engineer and aero inventor. He filed some patents from 81 Schlüterstrasse, Charlottenburg, near Berlin. As of Feb 4, 1911, he writes of his addresses that he had resided at 143 Kantstrasse, Charlottenburg, Germany but now resided at Wilhelmstrasse 20, Ronsdorf, Germany.[1]

He shows up in Wikipedia and elsewhere on the net as the inventor of the "desmodromic valve" in an 1896 patent. These are valves controlling gas flow to an engineer which are "closed by a cam and leverage system, rather than by a more conventional spring."[2]

He filed extensively, as indicated by his name-based results on Espacenet. His filings in Austria and Switzerland may have had more to do with motors and combustion and not specifically to do with aeronautics.

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Names Gustav Mees
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Countries DE
Locations Charlottenburg
Occupations engineer
Tech areas Propellers, Valve, Equilibrium, Aerodynamics, Gas, Steam, Propulsion, Steam propulsion, Coleopter, Aerodynamics, Design, LTA, VTOL, Hybrid, Helicopter, Motors, combustion, Heavier-than-air, Takeoff, Landing, Frame
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