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Summary text of Patent DE-1900-134728

Adam Kohn was an aero inventor in Pozega, Croatia, whom we have as a "privatier", or a "private person", that is as a person of means, non-noble.[1] Kohn seems to have work on a series of patents, non-identical, though clearly quite closely related, all being specifically airships, though with a quite significant emphasis on wings, and therefore with the incorporation of heavier-than-air principles, suggestive possibly of hybrid. Patent FR-1900-304673 being the first filed, it is being treated as the parent patent.

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Adam Kohn


Names Adam Kohn
Birth date
Death date
Countries DE, FR, HR, HU
Locations Pozega, Croatia
Occupations Private Person, Gentleman
Tech areas LTA, Hybrid, Airship, Design, Wings
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