George Matthews Lindsay Moore-Irvine

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George Matthews Lindsay Moore-Irvine, British, was an retired Major located simply at Cross Street, Manchester, and sometimes collaborating with Edward Arthur Geoghegan[1].

Patents whose inventor or applicant is George Matthews Lindsay Moore-Irvine

  • Patent GB-1909-11090 (English title: Improvements in Apparatus for Aerial Navigation, that is airplane-hybrid with ascension propellers, Filing date: 1909-05-11)
  • Patent GB-1909-11754 (English title: Improvements in Apparatus for Aerial Navigation, Filing date: 1909-05-11)
  • Patent HU-1910-53969 (English title: Innovations on airplanes, Supplementary to patent: Patent GB-1909-11090, Filing date: 1910-05-10)


Names George Matthews Lindsay Moore-Irvine
Birth date
Death date
Countries GB, HU
Locations Cross Street, Manchester
Occupations Military officer
Tech areas Airplane, Design, Frame, Hybrid, Ascension, Sustentation, Propellers
Wikidata id