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Werner & Pfleiderer was an Austrian airplane maker. Alfred Ritter von Pischof began working for them in 1909, producing the Pischof-Autoplan..[1]

This firm was known for producing cooking and baking machines, having set up a model backery at the Imperial-Royal Austrian exhibition in London in 1906.[2] It had international branches, including an American, filing patents mainly to do with cooking and baking machines. One non-aero filing of interest is GB-1909-5316 by "August Warchalowski, Manager, and Mischmaschinen and Kunstbackofen-Fabrik Kommandit-Gesellschaft Werner and Pfleiderer, both of 35, Odoakergasse, Vienna XVI, Austria".[3]

Patents associated with organizations named Kommanditgesellschaft Werner & Pfleiderer or Werner & Pfleiderer


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Names Kommanditgesellschaft Werner & Pfleiderer, Werner & Pfleiderer
Country AT
City Vienna
Keywords airplane
Started aero
Ended aero
Key people Alfred Ritter von Pischof, August Warchalowski
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