Hellmuth Hirth

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Hellmuth Hirth
Hirth (middle) with a passenger and with Edmund Rumpler (right) on the Deutschlandflug 1911

Hellmuth Hirth, the son of the engineer and tool-maker Albert Hirth, was a German aviator and airplane designer and builder born 24 April 1886 in Heilbronn, and deceased 1 July 1938 in Karlsbad. He built airships for Zeppelin, founded Mahle GmbH (more concerned with automobile engine components), and co-founded Göbler-Hirthmotoren, oriented towards complete aircraft motors, though this occurred in the years following those on which we are focusing.[1] We are cross-referencing writings by and about him and his patents filed. He was a competitive German aviator, filing patents for his principle airplane design fairly extensively in the international context and associated also with the location Berlin-Johannisthal[2], more specifically at 3, Flugplatz Eingang, Berlin-Johannisthal, Germany ("3, Airfield Entrance", that is, rather than a street address)[3]. He is known in Hungary as "Hirth Helmuth", and as "Helmut Hirth" or "Helmuth Hirth" in some coverage in publications and so forth.

What we have designated as Patent DE-1912-03-18-Hellmuth Hirth still seems to be elusive, with Espacenet yielding later results of Hirth's filings in Germany. The patent family associated with the above seems to have constituted the bulk of his registered innovation. This

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Names Hellmuth Hirth; Helmuth Hirth; Helmut Hirth; Hirth Helmuth; Hirth Hermuth
Birth date 24 April 1886
Death date 1 July 1938
Countries HU, DE, FR, GB, US, AT
Locations Berlin-Johannisthal, Germany
Occupations piloting, engineer
Tech areas Airplane, Design, Frame, Construction, Piloting, Airship, Propellers, Aerodynamics, Lift, Propulsion, Industry
Affiliations Zeppelin
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