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Wunderlich acting on behalf of Henry Félix Villard

According to our data, this company was founded in 1880. It isn't yet certain when they began working with aero, though they represented Henry Félix Villard, with Patent BE-1912-250417, and they seem to have played a role in Patent BE-1909-214032 along with its extraordinarily long list of child patents. The particular role of Alfred E. Wunderlich as engineer, within all of this, isn't perfectly clear. The designation Société anonyme is used. They were located at 3 ave des Arts, Brussels.

Prompted by our data, we are treating this firm almost entirely as a patent agent, and on the great majority of Belgian patent entries simply “A. Wunderlich & Cie (Société anonyme)” is how the name is spelled out, with a great majority of the firm’s activity being on behalf of Alfred E. Wunderlich, himself, as an inventor. The exact relation between the firm, as an applicant, and Wunderlich, is not entirely clear. We only have the firm appearing on Belgian documents, though we have Wunderlich filing as an individual throughout Europe as well as in the USA. We have him using other generally well-known patent agents, when filing in France and Britain, for instance.

The focus on the innovations of Alfred E. Wunderlich himself may be due to the manner in which we are approaching the data, with the firm’s representative action on behalf of inventors including Henry Félix Villard gradually increasing within our findings.

Wunderlich's Patent GB-1914-10216 is introduced “We, Société Anonyme L’Aéra and Alfred Wunderlich, both of 3 Avenue des Arts, Brussels, Belgium . . .” This suggests a relation between said Société and A. Wunderlich & Cie, Ingénieurs-Conseils. It somewhat suggests that Société Anonyme L’Aéra was a successor corporation.

As of 1903, Wunderlich himself was an authorized U.S. patent agent: [1]

Names A. Wunderlich & Cie, Ingénieurs-Conseils
Country BE
City Brussels
Keywords propellers, hybrid, LTA, airplane
Started aero
Ended aero
Key people Alfred E. Wunderlich, Alfred Wunderlich
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