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Louis Lacoin was a French aero inventor rue François Millet, 8, Paris, département Seine, France. He was one of several inventors working on variations on the “canard” airplane-hydroplane type.[1] We also have him working in the field of helicopters or airplane-helicopter hybrids.[2] Thus far, we have him working in collaboration with a variable cast of other inventors.

We have this Lacoin as filing in simultaneous collaboration with Alexis Beurrier and Edmond Bigourdan.[3] We have this same team filing later, with Edouard Bigourdan given as the name form of that inventor.[4]

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Louis Lacoin


Names Louis Lacoin
Birth date
Death date
Countries BE, FR
Locations rue François Millet, 8, Paris, département Seine, France
Tech areas Airplane, Hydroplane, Design, Helicopter, Hybrid
Affiliations Alexis Beurrier, Edouard Bigourdan, Edmond Bigourdan
Wikidata id