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Jean-Gabriel-Joseph Meugniot was an engineer and aero inventor located at Arc-lès-Gray, département Haute-Saône, France, filing often in collaboration with André-Charles-Marie Meugniot.[1] The two have also been located at rue d'Amsterdam, Paris, département Seine, France.[2] The two inventors may have been brothers.

Both of the two inventors have been identified as Engineers.[3]

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Jean-Gabriel-Joseph Meugniot

  • Patent FR-1908-394718 (English title: Automatic airplane stability by way of balanced surface differentials, Filing date: 1908-09-26)
  • Patent BE-1910-230887 (English title: Improvements brought to airplanes and related machines, Filing date: 1910-12-02)
  • Patent DE-1911-321247 (English title: Aircraft in which the elements of stability are connected, Filing date: 1911-04-30)
  • Patent GB-1911-25695 (English title: Improvements in airplane stability by way of paired wings co-responsive the one to the other, of variations in turbulence and so forth, Supplementary to patent: Patent BE-1910-230887, Filing date: 1911-11-17)
  • Patent US-1911-1177431 (English title: Paired lift surfaces automatically independently responding to turbulence to keep airplane stability, Filing date: 1911-11-27)
  • Patent FR-1911-438486 (English title: Improvements to airplanes and similar machines, Supplementary to patent: Patent FR-1908-394718, Filing date: 1911-11-30)
  • Patent BE-1913-01-10 Meugniot (English title: Improvements to propellers and other articles, Filing date: 1913-01-10)
  • Patent FR-1914-467096 (English title: Improvements brought to articles such as, notably and above all, propellers, Supplementary to patent: Patent BE-1913-01-10 Meugniot, Filing date: 1914-01-08)


Names Jean-Gabriel-Joseph Meugniot
Birth date
Death date
Countries BE, DE, FR, GB, US
Locations Arc-lès-Gray, département Haute-Saône, France; Paris, département Seine, France
Occupations engineer
Tech areas Stability, Construction, Design, Wings, Lift, Automatic stability
Affiliations André-Charles-Marie Meugniot
Wikidata id