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Alfred John Macy was a Chicago aero inventor who internationally filed several patents having to do with airplane stabilizers. He was affiliated with Macy Engineering Company of Pennsylvania after some point.

In 1913, he filed patents from 162 North May Street, Chicago, Cook county, Illinois, USA In 1917 his address was 1524, Monadnock Building, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

His aero/control/stability patents have a frantic quality -- numerous and repetitive, with lots of diagrams jammed into a small space, and many many numbered labels on the diagrams. Wordy, too. And he files them in several countries, producing a kind of proliferation that takes work to track. We haven't distilled his key insights or design elements.

In later life he becomes expert at electro/stereoscopic printed image technologies, and those patents are cited more, e.g. this one from 1924: He has a company affiliated with that technology that seems to be different from Macy Engineering Company which might focus on airplane stability.

'To do: follow up the Aero and Hydro description of his work: [1], [2], and this patent which may have nothing to do with Macy: [3]

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Names Alfred John Macy
Birth date
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Countries US
Locations Chicago
Tech areas Airplane, Stability
Affiliations Macy Engineering Company
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