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Bert Hinkler was an aero inventor in Australia. He seems to have focused on making it possible for either the pilot or the co-pilot/passenger to have some control over an aeroplane.

British patent data first had him as an Aeroplane Mechanic located at Gavan Street, North Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia.[1]

Hinkler filed at least had one or two original patents, and made a number of foreign filings. His main patent agent seems to have been Rayner & Co. which may have been an international operation. He assigned some patent rights to Christian Charles Dean.[2]

French patent data, slightly earlier than the American data just above, has has Hinkler filing in collaboration with Christian Charles Dean, and making no reference to any differential in inventor status between the two.[3]

His career in aviation seemed to continue on a long time, as he had a 1927 patent also.[4]

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Names Bert Hinkler
Birth date
Death date
Countries AU
Locations Queensland, Australia
Occupations airplane mechanic
Tech areas Control, Safety, Airplane, Subsystem, Piloting, Chassis
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