Patent BE-1911-05-15 Georges de Bothezat

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Automatic stability is achieved herein by way of aerodynamically dampening the effects longitudinal and transverse oscillations, while retaining indedependence in the forward thrust of the aircraft. It seems that a fraction of inventions geared towards automatic stabilty are less focused on the role played by aerodynamics.


  • Direct and specific references to a specifically Belgian patent with this filing date are made in the originals of Patent GB-1912-11493 and Patent FR-1912-443330. Data provided around Patent HU-1912-64116 mention a predecssor with this filing date, without mentioning the nationality of said patent. Other descendants have been inferred by way of diagrams and so forth identical to those of the British and the French. This patent's original title is tentative though likely in that the French and francophone Swiss patents are consistent. Patent classification BE K is likewise a matter of likelihood. Access to the Belgian RdBdI volumes will help us ascertain all of these things more properly.
  • Inventor location: St. Petersburg

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Year filed 1911
Year granted
Office BE
Patent number
Inventors Georges de Bothezat
Inventor country RU
Applicant person Georges de Bothezat
Applicant firm
Applicant type INDIV
Applicant is inventor? Yes
Original title
English title Airplane of automatic stability
Tech fields Airplane, Stability, Aerodynamics, Automatic stability
Filing date 1911/05/15
Full specification filed date
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Granted? No
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Related to aircraft? Yes
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National tech categories BE K
Family year 1911
First filing? No
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