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This is the airship of Patent FR-1901-307726‎‎ and Patent HU-1901-21993‎, possibly related to the aero-writer(s(?)) designated as Hildebrand.

1) This is a flying machine in which an air balloon is adapted to carry only a portion of the whole weight of the aircraft. An "aerodynamic flying machine" which offers propulsion also serves in the carrying of the remaining weight.

2) The hemispherically-ended cylindrical or similarly-shaped air balloon, is so connected, with the aerodynamic flying machine suspended underneath the same, by a joint or link that a turning of the same in the vertical plane falling in the balloon axis or direction of flight can be operated from the aerodynamic flying machine in order to utilise the under surface of the ballon as a carrying or lifting surface

3) The horizontal and vertical movement is obtainable from the aerodynamic portion of the craft, by ways of wings which in rising cut the air in a diagonal direction moving forward, and in descending compress the air in a diagonal direction rearwards and downwards, the shaft of said wings acting as a double armed lever having a slide jointed to one end and guided in a frame in a direction contrary to that of the wing stroke.

(Regarding "aerodynamics", here, hopefully the entire aircraft is aerodynamic in the sense or senses in which we usually think of the term. Hildebrand repeatedly emphasizes it here as applied to flapping elements with act upon the air, aside from the aircraft's ideally streamlined passage through the air.)


Patent family descending from Patent GB-1901-1899

Year filed 1901
Year granted 1902
Office GB
Patent number 1899
Inventors Heinrich Hildebrand
Inventor country DE
Applicant person Heinrich Hildebrand
Applicant firm
Applicant type INDIV
Applicant is inventor? yes
Original title Improvements in Flying Machines
English title Airship, actually an LTA-hybrid employing heavier-than-air principles, specifically flapping wings aiding both in propulsion and ascension
Tech fields airship, LTA, heavier-than-air, hybrid, flapping, design, ascension, propulsion, aerodynamics
Filing date 1901-01-28
Full specification filed date 1901-01-28
Application number
Grant date 1902-03-27
Granted? Yes
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Related to aircraft? Yes
Serial number
Patent agent Thomas R. Shillito
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National tech categories
Family year 1901
First filing?
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Number of text pages 3
Number of diagram pages 2
Number of figures 6
Number of claims 3