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Theodor Steinmann was an aero inventor, an Engineer located in Marburg, Germany.[1] Patent US-1893-501111 contains more diagrams, though included within these are diagrams matching those of Patent HU-1899-19079. The length of time between these two patent filings is odd, as is the apparent lack of equivalent patents filed in Europe. The name of the inventor does not turn up on Espacenet. This may simply have to do with the relative paucity of pre-1900 Espacenet patent coverage. Patent US-1893-501111 was found, on Espacenet and elsewhere, by way of other search protocols. On Theodor Steinmann we have just this one airship/dirigible which actually seems to have been something of a hybrid, inclusive of wings of the flapping variety.

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Theodor Steinmann


Names Theodor Steinmann; Steinmann Tivadar
Birth date
Death date
Countries DE, HU, US
Locations Marburg, Germany
Occupations Engineer
Tech areas Dirigibles, LTA, Airship, Design, Wings, Flapping, Hybrid, Balloons
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