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Patent FR-1908-394418 diagram page

Marius Chantron was an aero inventor addressed at place Sainte-Anne, 5, Montpellier, département Hérault, France.[1] We then have him still at place Sainte-Anne, with no mention of a street number, in Montpellier.[2] We have him latter at rue Saint-Guillem, 41, Montpellier.[3]

Much of his key work focused on piston-driven propulsion and ascension powered by the combustion of compressed gas. See Patent FR-1908-394418. This is a “coléoptère”. See Coléoptère (aéronautique) on French Wikipedia.

It is elaborated in Patent FR-1908-394418.10449, with reference to the use of a battery. Patent FR-1909-394418.11953 gets into increased ease in the firing of machine guns. Reference is also made to safe landing imitating the effects of the “Westinghouse brake”.

Patent FR-1910-418866 seeks explicitly to unite the principles elaborated in Patent FR-1908-394418 and Patent FR-1908-394418.10449 and Patent FR-1909-394418.11953. Chantron attempts to maximize the power behind the blades which in turn act upon compressed air, all in the furtherance of ascension.

Patent FR-1912-452556 consists in an unrelated human-powered flapping-wing “parachute-glider”.

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Names Marius Chantron
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Countries FR
Locations Montpellier, département Hérault, France
Tech areas Coleopter, Heavier-than-air, Battery, Propulsion, Propellers, Design, Braking, Landing, Military, Safety, Gliders, Flapping, Parachutes, Gliders, Human-powered, Hybrid
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