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Paul Robin was an "Engineer of Arts and Manufactures" addressed at 17, rue de l'Alma, Pennes, France[1], and also at boulevard Magenta, 32, Paris, Seine, France.[2] At this point we have data on him solely in connexion with one family of patents having to do with the automatic control of aircraft devices of balance and stability.

We have him again as an engineer located in Paris.[3]

We have a Paul Robin as a patent agent.[4]

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Paul Robin

Patents for which Paul Robin was the patent agent


Names Paul Robin
Birth date
Death date
Countries ES, FR, GB, HU
Locations 17, rue de l'Alma, Pennes, France ; boulevard Magenta, 32, Paris, département Seine, France
Occupations Engineer, patent agent
Tech areas Airplane, Stability, Control, Design, Automatic stability
Wikidata id