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Emanuel Kalisch was a Hungarian aero inventor whom we have as an Artist located at No. 12, Csyányi-utcsa, Budapest III, Kingdom of Hungary.[1] We also have him more specifically as an “date granted”.[2]

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Emanuel Kalisch

  • Patent FR-1900-302029 (English title: double propellers for flying machines)
  • Patent CH-1900-22482 (English title: Double-screw propellers for flying machines)
  • Patent AT-1900-9694 (English title: Double screws - Propellers for flying machines, likely lift propellers, likely helicopter, Filing date: 1900-06-22)
  • Patent DE-1900-128658 (English title: "Screw wing arrangement", absolutely propellers; this may be a helicopter, Filing date: 1900-06-24)
  • Patent GB-1900-12514 (English title: Improved Double Screw Propeller for Flying Machines, Filing date: 1900-07-11)
  • Patent HU-1901-21975 (English title: Double screw propeller for flying machines, Filing date: 1901-03-24)


Names Emanuel Kalisch; Kalisch Manó
Birth date
Death date
Countries AT, CH, DE, FR, GB, HU
Locations Budapest
Occupations Artist, Academic Painter
Tech areas Design, Propellers, Propulsion
Wikidata id