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Boris Loutzkoy was an aero inventor in Berlin who filed patents related to engines and propulsion, aeronautical and otherwise. He was Ingenieur Director at E. Rumpler Luftfahrzeugbau G.m.b.H. and participated in the Allgemeine Luftfahrzeug-Ausstellung Berlin 1912. Boris Loutzkoy search results on English Wikipedia yield articles on thirteen Rumpler-designed aircraft inclusive of Rumpler-Loutzkoy collaborative designs.

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Boris Loutzkoy

  • Patent HU-1910-51277 (English title: Dragon flyer with adjustable screws, airplane with adjustable propellers, Filing date: 1910-02-17)
  • Patent GB-1911-27800 (English title: Propulsion of Flying Machines, Filing date: 1911-12-11)
  • Patent AT-1911-56784 (English title: Propulsion apparatus for aircraft, Filing date: 1911-12-04)
  • Patent HU-1911-59819 (English title: Multi-engine aircraft with concentrically mounted propeller shafts, Filing date: 1911-12-04)


Names Boris Loutzkoy
Birth date
Death date
Countries DE
Locations Berlin
Tech areas Propulsion, Propeller, Engine, Motors
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