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Karl Klinkosch was an aero inventor, residing in Vienna, whom we have primarily working in collaboration with Emil Hyra.[1] Klinkosch was an Engineer.[2]

To the best of our knowledge, at present, this collaborative work largely revolved around one parachute-launched flare, with the indication being that the expertise of Hyra, as a Pyrotechnician, was made aero-practicable via the engineering background of Klinkosch.

We have Klinkosch more precisely addressed at Opernring No. 8, Vienna I, Vienna, the Empire of Austria, and again again described as an Engineer.[3]

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Names Karl Klinkosch
Birth date
Death date
Countries AT, FR, HU
Locations Vienna, Austria
Occupations Engineer
Tech areas Illumination, Lighting, LTA, Parachutes
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