Szabadalmi Kőzlőny

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“Szabadalmi Kőzlőny” - 1914

The Szabadalmi Kőzlőny (“Patent Match” in Hungarian or Magyar), is seemingly the primary publication of the Magyar Kiralyi Szabadalmi Hivital (Hungarian Royal Patent Office).

Before establishing virtual contact with our Hungarian colleagues, these volumes were our initial source on the broad strokes of Hungarian patent classifications during the period on which we are focused. A colleague's direction of us to HU V/h, as aero-pertinent, fits neatly within the parameters of the greater outline.

This will be our key analogue resource with reference to Hungary.

The databases of Hungary's current National Intellectual Property Office, the Szellemi Tulajdon Nemzeti Hivatala (SZTNH), are our means of access to data drawn from the contents of the Szabadalmi Kőzlőny. The volumes themselves are to be digitized over the next few years, that is, by 2025.

There seems to be a complete set of these volumes at the STIC. For bulk purposes in the meanwhile we have the Szellemi Tulajdon Nemzeti Hivatala datebase in anglophone setting. This data is modest, filing dates, titles, publication dates, inventor(s) and-or rightholder(s), and, if applicable, a priority date indicative of some parent patent. Inventor names are given with family name first, followed by the given name, which reflects ordinary Hungarian usage, though it could be seen as analogous to usage in some official Western listing contexts. Titles such as "Dr." lead to some further neede name juggling as we Westernize the names into given name followed by family name, ideally keeping the original name forms of both the family names and the given names.