Adolf Freiherr Odkolek von Augezd

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Adolf Freiherr Odkolek von Augezd was an aero inventor from Baden, Austria.

He secured international patents for a parachute-opening device using a tube with explosive to shoot the parachute upwards to open it.

Some of his other patents relate to firearms.

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Adolf Freiherr Odkolek von Augezd

Address: 10, Eliasgasse, Baden near Vienna, Empire of Austria


Names Adolf Freiherr Odkolek von Augezd; Adolf Odkolek von Újezd
Birth date 1854-12-01
Death date 1917-01-02
Countries AT, CH, CA, AT, IN, US, FR, HU
Locations Prague; Baden near Vienna
Occupations gentleman, military officer
Tech areas Parachutes, Projectile, Explosive
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