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Jacob Lohner 2-seat biplane and flying boat with single pusher engine, 1913, led to production of over 1,000 armed and unarmed reconnaissance biplanes and several hundred fighter, trainer, and reconnaissance flying boats until 1917 and single and 2-seat scouts, 1918.

Starting date of 1913 in the Gunstons appears incorrect. Contemporaneous publications say that Austrian Army Captain (Rittmeister) Hans Ritter Umlauff von Frankwell qualified for his pilot's license in a Lohner aircraft in August 1910, that he had flown a Lohner aircraft before then, and that in December 1910 it was announced that he would be testing a new novel Lohner biplane.

1920Dir15 lists agent in Vienna, Austria at IX Porrellangasse 2, Vienna; phone 13559.

We have this firm filing as "Jacob Lohner & Co.", and located at Bécs, actually Vienna, Austria in Patent HU-1916-75611 and Patent HU-1914-67909.

A few key parent patents, which we have reason to believe were filed in Austria, seem to be missing from Espacenet, but this will likely be cleared up.

Espacenet AT plus simply Jacob Lohner yields great results. In at least one case Espacenet has Jacob Lohner mentioned as an individual along with and as distinguished from the firm. This data will be forthcoming, with filings in Austria being parent patents to many of the British and French patents filed by the firm. The English-language company name is used in the overwhelming bulk of these German-language Austrian patent originals, incidentally, and in the Hungarian, as well as in the British and American. "Jacob Lohner & Cie" is used in the cases of patents filed in France.

There are some odd cases. Patent AT-1916-76149, which we may or may not want, is an ambulance, filed by "WR. AËROPLAN- und CAROSSERIE-WERKE JACOB LOHNER & Co. K.U.K. HOF-WAGENFABRIK" with the firm name "WR. AËROPLAN" being the may indication that the ambulance has specific aero applicability. The Ambulanzwagen of Patent AT-1913-76702 is another case of interest.


We have doubled the firm name, as such, in the applicant firm field of these patent pages, in the interest of the fullest possible patent report display, inclusive of "supplementary to" and so forth. This firm might be the most elaborate case of Hungarian patents bearing frequent and systematic relations to patents filed in Austria. Otherwise, the cosmopolitan aspect of Hungarian filings seems to be more general, even with somewhat of an affinity towards Germany.

Jacob Lohner Werke und Sohn

At present, all of our patent data here seems to have been filed under the corporate auspice Jacob Lohner & Co.

Jacob Lohner & Co.

We have Jacob Lohner & Co., as such, addressed at No. 2 Porzellangasse, Vienna, Austria and identified as Manufacturers.[1] On a different note, we have the inventor Carl Paulal specifically as residing at the same address, the inventor being the “assignor to the firm”.[2] Based on diagrams, and the connections within a huge sprawl of patents, this could lead us to believe that Paulal was behind a huge bulk of airplane chassis work associated with the firm.

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Patents associated with organizations named Jacob Lohner Werke und Sohn, Jakob Lohner & Co., or Jacob Lohner & Co.


Names Jacob Lohner Werke und Sohn or Lohnernerwerke GmbH, Jacob Lohner & Co., Jacob Lohner & Cie
Country Austria
City No. 2, Porzellangasse 2, Vienna IX, Austria; dockyard at Pola.; "Bécs" redirects to "Wien", Vienna, on German Wikipedia
Keywords airplane, biplane, chassis, frame, construction, design, braking, takeoff, wings, propulsion, propellers, wheels, safety, control, steering, rudder, piloting, motors, aerodynamics, industry, HTA, hydroaeroplane, amerrissage, bombing, military
Started aero 1910, 1913?
Ended aero ?
Key people Jacob Lohner, Carl Paulal
Wikidata id Q388555