Aurel Vlaicu

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Aurel Vlaicu
An A Vlaicu I airplane at October 1910 military exercises
Giovanni Magnani, Aurel Vlaicu, Ion Ciulu (Vlaicu's mechanic) and a friend in front of an A Vlaicu II airplane
An A Vlaicu III airplane - view from above

Aurel Vlaicu(19 November 1882 – 13 September 1913) was a Romanian engineer, inventor, airplane builder and pilot.[1][2][3] (He filed patents from Strada Sculpturei No. 22, Bukarest, Kingdom of Roumania.)

He was born in the village of Bencenc (Binţinţi) in Transylvania, Austro-Hungarian Empire (renamed Aurel Vlaicu in 1927), now part of Geoagiu, Romania. He attended a Calvinist high school in Orăştie (renamed "Liceul Aurel Vlaicu" in his honor in 1919) and took his Baccalaureate in Sibiu in 1902. He was a high school colleague of Petru Groza, and in Sibiu became friends with Octavian Goga. Vlaicu furthered his studies at the Technical University of Budapest, Hungary, and at the Technische Hochschule München in Germany, earning his engineer's diploma in 1907.[4][5]

Between 1907 and 1908 Vlaicu served in the Austro-Hungarian Navy, and on September 1, 1908 he took an engineer's position with the Opel car factory in Rüsselsheim.[6][7]

He had a pilot's license issued in Austria.[8]

(The countries listed in the report below are reflective of Vlaicu's education, his nationality, addresses in the context of patents filed, and the national and-or imperial designations of the time. AH per se is relevant, though there may never have been a per se Autro-Hungarian imperial patent office.)

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Names Aurel Vlaicu
Birth date 19 November 1882
Death date 13 September 1913
Countries RO, AT, AH, HU, DE
Locations Bukarest
Tech areas Airplane, Wings, Gliders
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